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30 passive income ideas paperback

“Quick And Easy Ways To Have More Time And More Freedom In Your Life”

Darryl James

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"If you want to have multiple streams of income, this will be the most important book you will ever read!"


"Listen. This book is good. It will definitely help you. But if you're not ready to invest either time or money...then don't get the book. It's not really for those who are not ready to take their life to the next level in that sense."


"So with that understood ... let me jump right in and show you ..."

Let me share a story with you:

I remember feeling HORRIBLE! I was broke, unhappy, jumping from one thing to another and trying to get out of the RAT RACE. Asking myself "why isn’t this working the way I want it to?" I either have money and no time or time and no money. I would think to myself, I DESERVE THIS! Successful people out there, are not working harder than me, are not 10 X smarter than me, yet they are living a better life than me and have the freedom to do as they like.


So if we all put on our trousers in the morning one leg at a time, then there must be something I'm missing. I then went heavily into self-development. Reading books and taking courses from the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, T.Harv Ecker, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and the list goes on.


Studying Self-development had its good and bad points. I would change like the wind on which author was the best, which strategy and industry were the best and finally I decided to go with my passion - which is writing and creating. I looked at things from a different perspective, and for me, the rat race was over.

30 passive income ideas being written


Today I make enough passive income to cover my expenses and not have to work. I have sat with top key individuals of each stream and looked into many of the passive income ideas out there. These 30 passive income ideas are so simple; anybody can do them.

The world is changing! How would you like to be able to earn an extra income while at home?

This book has captured for you the best ideas in one place to save you time so you can have more time, more freedom and start living the life you've always wanted!

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"30 Passive Income Ideas" Featuring:

  • The time-saving approaches to winning in Real Estate.

  • My take-away tactics for Affiliate Marketing

  • Understand the methods of successful Bloggers

  • How to avoid the one big mistake most people do when they invest


  • How to have more time and freedom in your life

  • + 27 more high-level multiple streams of Passive Income for you to take action on

"and much, much more!"

30 passive income ideas ebook

"Darryl is the Private Eye of Profit – seeking out the little known ways and means, methods and systems, techniques and tips to gather a handsome return from our entrepreneurial adventures."

Peter Thomson​, The UK’s Most Prolific Product Creator

"I believe that Darryl is a human locksmith, he knows how to open your mind to larger possibilities and make you see FURTHER than you did before. Using his unique insights into human nature, he’s found a way to simplify the passive income strategies of the skilled passive income earners so that anyone can have the financial freedom they deserve."

Terence Wallen, Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur

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P.S. - Every minute you wait to get “30 Passive Income Ideas” is another minute being in the rat race forever. Put the power of “30 Passive Income Ideas” to work for you so you can quickly and easily Have multiple streams of passive income, become financially free, and escape the rat race!

Money Back guarantee

If 30 Passive Income Ideas doesn't show me exactly how to Have multiple streams of passive income... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step to Become financially free... or if it fails to help me Escape the rat race, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

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